Day 1- Thurs, 6th Nov 2014

Exercise: 3km walk, Lower Body Workout (Popsugar)

Breakfast: Cup of Musli, Green Tea with Honey, Vitamins

Lunch: Mixed Rice

Snack: Plain Fairy Cake

Dinner: Mixed Rice

Dessert: Iced Lolly

Getting up at 7.15 when I knew I could be sleeping in was complete torture, but the weather was good and walking around without my phone and any social media sites was surprisingly nice. I didn’t feel sleepy coming back from the walk and in fact managed to go through both a drawer of clothes and also the shoe cabinet.

I knew I sucked at the lower body workout but my motivation is to be strong enough that I can do it decently in 2 weeks.

Not going to weigh myself and make this about chasing a number on a scale, but the aim is to fit better in my F21 skinny jeans that I can zip but am spilling out of by the end of the month.




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